TeamSpeak 5 Announcement

Only two days ago the developers at TeamSpeak started to tease us of upcoming changes, later unveiled to be the new TS5 set to release in Q4/2018 (anytime between October-December 2018)

TeamSpeak @teamspeak – Jun 9

TeamSpeak’s changing! Here you go with our new icon – for starters 😉 Stay tuned, there’s more to come! 💪

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TS New Logo

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and continued on later that same day to include

TeamSpeak @teamspeak – Jun 9

Changing our logo/icon is part of a greater goal. We know you’re all quite curious and want to get mor infos – you definitely will 🙂

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then, they finally dropped it!

TeamSpeak @teamspeak – Jun 11


Your Team, Your Rules

The road to TeamSpeak 5 has begun…😏

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Download Here ➡

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What does this mean for FCG?

The Full Circle Gaming community will continue to use the superb voice communication system TeamSpeak over that of its competition.

We feel as though the software has always been superior at its main priority, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and paired with its recent updates to the community, we believe it will not disappoint with a UI/UX overhaul to the client and will be a strong competitor in the TeamSpeak vs Discord debate!

Although the UI is the only confirmed thing being overhauled, we hope for much, much more! In order properly allocate our developers time, we have stopped development for some of the assets we were in the midst of creating. Once more information is released and/or the client itself is released, we may approach TeamSpeak with our ideas and ask if it possible for them to incorporate into future business opportunities; which, although will mainly save us development time (hey, we gotta be kinda selfish), will better the TeamSpeak community as a whole and make it more of a voice to all gamers!


Your Team, Your Rules

Time for TeamSpeak to take over


Full Circle Gaming, signing off

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