About the Staff

Each staff member is first here to ensure that the Division they have helped spin up can continue to be fun, and an ongoing adventure.

On their spare time, they help to ensure that Full Circle Gaming can continue to provide competitive Divisions in various other games that focus on communication, coordination, and teamwork above all else.

Staff members are compensated by community vote, where and when possible.

Division Leaders

Division Leaders are the organizers of each of the divisions of Full Circle Gaming


Division Leader


Content Creators

The major influences of the FCG community which help output our name and guides to the masses



Graphic Designer

Video Producer

Caster / Voice ACtor


The FCG developers influence everything the community interacts with to make it as easy and smooth as possible

They release major improvements every month and meet with the board bi-weekly to update on status



Website Backend

Website Frontend

Board of Directors

Ensures the FCG community can continue to grow by creating opportunities

The board meets bi-weekly to act on community feedback


Legal Advisor

Community Manager

Financial Advisor

Board Member



Board Chairman


Board Member