Well, we respect that Discord’s chat system is far superior to that of TeamSpeak 3’s; and we also acknowledge that Discord has all similar if not better features – from the program itself, to the bots created for it – but, Full Circle Gaming, as inferred from the name, is a community centered around competitive gaming with one another, and we believe TeamSpeak fosters to that no distractions, no bullshit mentality that is required to game together, not share memes together.

Beyond that, we find that TeamSpeak is a more stable company in that it has been around since early 2000’s and has a method of getting money that has kept it afloat for years; whereas with Discord, there is a sudden trend towards paying for the full set of features and privacy concerns.

Some last things to note:

  • TeamSpeak uses less CPU than Discord
  • TeamSpeak server is more likely to be online than Discord
  • Only information we collect on a as needed bases is IP
    • This feature is only used to unban those who successfully appealed there 72+ hour ban, it is  not logged except in the appeal form

Division = In game clan/outfit/guild

Full Circle Gaming is a community that branches off to different games, but attempts to retain its core infrastructure of players. These players then form Division’s of FCG in various competitive games with an emphasis on team play and expand the Full Circle mentality.

We agree, the out the box design looks the same as when the program was shipped in the early 2000’s. Since, they have included other files with the download to change the overall appearance of the client to something a bit more modern.

To change these themes, go to: Tools -> Options -> Design -> and change Style, Theme, and/or Icon Pack

Without installing anything, the best appearance seems to be:

  • Style – Fusion
  • Theme – System default
  • Icon Pack – TeamSpeak Colored


TeamSpeak does also offer downloadable themes/skins here.

We recommend the Dark theme and icon pack by RandomHost

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